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This project is a combination of passion and drive from everyone associated to bring real world knowledge of all things plant/garden related to the new digital world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Our project will allow users who may not be green thumbs  in the real world (or ones that are) collect and grow digital plant NFTs via purchase, trading, or growing in our digital garden (Coming Soon).

As the project continues to grow we will offer new and exciting activities through our Plant University (see roadmap). The Plant University will be a place where users can gain knowledge from answers to plant and garden related questions, and also get help from experts in their related field.

  • Creation of 1st series Silly Succulents NFT characters
  • Creation of The Garden House NFT marketplace 
  • Design of Digital Garden
  • Creation of “Green Paper”
  • Creation of 1st Community Garden
  • $GHS Governance Token
  • Development of Digital Garden
  • Sponsorships & Collaborations
  • Completion of Silly Succulents series
  • Creation of Seed Packs
  • Creation of of Painted Roses NFT Series
  • $SOIL Utility Token
  • Digital Garden beta launch
  • Launch of online merch store
Launch of GHS University
  • Launch of Digital Garden
  • Launch/Airdrop of Seed Packs
  • Launch of GHS University

GHS Green Paper

Derrick Chun


Derrick is a father, entrepreneur, and aspiring gardener/botanist that enjoys spending time with his family when he isn’t chasing crypto gains.  “NFTs will change the world!”

Justin Dome


Justin is a garden enthusiast who enjoys growing all types of plants.  One of his favorite things to do is try and grow exotic and tropical plants outdoor that are not designed for his grow zone.

SJ Chun


SJ is a lifelong environmentalist, with a deep passion for art and design. One of her favorite things the earth produces is grapes… because wine. “Cheers!”

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Discord: TheGardenHouse